How to delete Unwanted Database and Companies from
SAP Business One 9.2

Using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)



The Scenario

Close SAP Business One, open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Through Connect to Server Window; Define the Server Type, enter the Server Name, Login and Password, and choose the Authentication Type (SQL Server Authentication or Windows Authentication).

Then the SSMS will open for you the server that you’re connecting to and all the databases that are included in.

Now, we have press the PLUS Sign beside the Databases row to expand it out, to see all the contained databases.

All what we have to do now just right click on the unwanted database and choose the delete button


A new window will appear again, all what we do here is just check the “Delete backup and restore history information for databases”, then hit “ok” button. Then we all set!

Note: if you didn’t close the SAP Business One Program, the unwanted database won’t be deleted!

And we can see finally the unwanted database and company have been removed from the Choose Company window in SAP Business One, in Companies on Current Server section.


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