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Whenever we start development on any workflow object, few questions that comes to our mind are:

  1. Is there any standard workflow exist for this transaction?
  2. What are the events which are triggered ?
  3. Which business object is linked to this transaction ?

When i first started developing my workflow objects, i faced the similar questions. So i thought to go with the basics. Any workflow is triggered based on some event only. At least this is the case with standard transactions. Though we can trigger workflows directly through  FMs but that is not a good approach.

So i searched for the FMs which are used to trigger any event, few FMs which i got are :


(I will update the list of FMs, if i come across something new)

So we have to create a breakpoint on these FMs while running our transaction. So if there is any BO/Event is linked to this transaction it will stop here and from the FM parameters you can see the BO type, key and the event container contents.

And the best part is you can see the actual point of event trigger by looking into the ABAP trace.

Once you know the business object, you can go to SWETYPV/ SWE2 to find/link the workflow to this event. 🙂


Nitish Chawla

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