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Testing Odata Service :

In this part we have to validate our Odata service befor building the Front End application.

For this i will use Advanced Rest Client ( chrome Extension ). Create a new Request put the url to call Event Entity and added the “$top” parameter to the url to select just the first two events from the whole list.

If you are not familiar with Odata you can see this blog

This is the final set up we need to use GET operation and i added X-Csrf-Token = Fetch to use the result in the next operation$top=2

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?> <feed xml:base=""> <title type="text">Events</title> <id></id> <author> <name /> </author> <link title="Events" href="Events" /> <entry> <id>'00065ec7-9051-4798-a321-7dfc4eec09c9')</id> <title type="text" /> <author> <name /> </author> <link title="Events" href="Events('00065ec7-9051-4798-a321-7dfc4eec09c9')" /> <category term="" scheme="" /> <content type="application/xml"> <m:properties> <d:ID m:type="Edm.String">00065ec7-9051-4798-a321-7dfc4eec09c9</d:ID> <d:TITLE m:type="Edm.String">Empty Task TEST</d:TITLE> <d:START_DATE m:type="Edm.String">2017-05-11T09:00</d:START_DATE> <d:END_DATE m:type="Edm.String">2017-05-11T10:30</d:END_DATE> <d:COLOR m:type="Edm.String">#77DD77</d:COLOR> <d:STATUS m:type="Edm.String">F</d:STATUS> <d:DESCRIPTION m:type="Edm.String">6f9137f3-092a-408b-9385-549ed7116ffb</d:DESCRIPTION> <d:YEAR m:type="Edm.Int32">2017</d:YEAR> <d:MONTH m:type="Edm.Int32">5</d:MONTH> <d:DAY m:type="Edm.Int32">11</d:DAY> <d:OWNERID m:type="Edm.String">ONGABI</d:OWNERID> <d:CUST_COSTCENTER m:type="Edm.String" /> <d:SREP_COSTCENTER m:type="Edm.String" /> </m:properties> </content> </entry> <entry> <id>'001e0529-8218-4a40-ad20-d7374516c38a')</id> <title type="text" /> <author> <name /> </author> <link title="Events" href="Events('001e0529-8218-4a40-ad20-d7374516c38a')" /> <category term="" scheme="" /> <content type="application/xml"> <m:properties> <d:ID m:type="Edm.String">001e0529-8218-4a40-ad20-d7374516c38a</d:ID> <d:TITLE m:type="Edm.String">Empty Task</d:TITLE> <d:START_DATE m:type="Edm.String">2017-08-17T11:00</d:START_DATE> <d:END_DATE m:type="Edm.String">2017-08-17T12:30</d:END_DATE> <d:COLOR m:type="Edm.String">#77DD77</d:COLOR> <d:STATUS m:type="Edm.String">F</d:STATUS> <d:DESCRIPTION m:type="Edm.String">6f9137f3-092a-408b-9385-549ed7116ffb</d:DESCRIPTION> <d:YEAR m:type="Edm.Int32">2017</d:YEAR> <d:MONTH m:type="Edm.Int32">8</d:MONTH> <d:DAY m:type="Edm.Int32">17</d:DAY> <d:OWNERID m:type="Edm.String" /> <d:CUST_COSTCENTER m:type="Edm.String" /> <d:SREP_COSTCENTER m:type="Edm.String" /> </m:properties> </content> </entry> </feed>

If the call is executed correctly we should see a result similar to my XML. Pick one ID to check the GetDetail_Entity method by changing the URL.‘001e0529-8218-4a40-ad20-d7374516c38a’)?$format=json

{ "d": { "__metadata": { "type": "", "uri": "'001e0529-8218-4a40-ad20-d7374516c38a')" }, "ID": "001e0529-8218-4a40-ad20-d7374516c38a", "TITLE": "Empty Task", "START_DATE": "2017-08-17T11:00", "END_DATE": "2017-08-17T12:30", "COLOR": "#77DD77", "STATUS": "F", "DESCRIPTION": "6f9137f3-092a-408b-9385-549ed7116ffb", "YEAR": 2017, "MONTH": 8, "DAY": 17, "OWNERID": " ", "CUST_COSTCENTER": " ", "SREP_COSTCENTER": " " } }

Back to Advanced Rest Client, copy the X-CSRF-TOKEN value and use it to send a PUT operation to modify the Event Content

Change the X-Csrf-Token value and the Request type and URL‘001e0529-8218-4a40-ad20-d7374516c38a’)

Change the body by putting the same JSON result from the GET operation request and modify some value and Execute the request.

Final JSON

{ "__metadata": { "type": "", "uri": "'001e0529-8218-4a40-ad20-d7374516c38a')" }, "ID": "001e0529-8218-4a40-ad20-d7374516c38a", "TITLE": "Empty Task Test", "START_DATE": "2017-08-17T11:00", "END_DATE": "2017-08-17T12:30", "COLOR": "#77DD77", "STATUS": "F", "DESCRIPTION": "6f9137f3-092a-408b-9385-549ed7116ffb", "YEAR": 2017, "MONTH": 8, "DAY": 17, "OWNERID": "ONGABI", "CUST_COSTCENTER": " ", "SREP_COSTCENTER": " " }

Change the operation from PUT to GET on the Advanced Rest and check the result‘001e0529-8218-4a40-ad20-d7374516c38a’)

The response should be like this.

Conslusion :

The Odata service is now ready and we can start the UI part in the next article.


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