Dear SAP Community members,

I’m glad to invite you to this Webinar where you will learn to troubleshoot and configure the SAP Memory Management for ABAP application servers. We have prepared a very complete agenda that allows the attendees to take their memory management knowledge to a higher level.

This webinar will cover the following topics for the SAP Memory Management (BC-CST-MM) with the below agenda:

  1. Memory types;

  2. Relevant parameters and OS-specific ones;

  3. Memory monitoring tools;

  4. Dumps and troubleshooting;

The session will be finalized with Q&A about the topics presented.


December 14, 2017


14:00 CET – 15:00 CET

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You can also find more details about this webinar in the SAP KBA 2560709 (S-User required).

Daniel Grings

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