As of SAP Business One 9.2 Version for SAP HANA , SAP Business One alerts are part of new service introduced called Job Service . If alerts are not triggering in SAP Business One client then following troubleshooting steps can help to resolve the issue –


  1. Make sure that Service Layer is up and running – ideally it shall be tested via browser by going into following page:


If service layer works it shall return something like:

{ “error” : { “code” : -1001, “message” : { “lang” : “en-us”, “value” : “Invalid session.” } } }

If it returns non-existent/blank page seems that service layer is either uninstalled/not started/other issue.

  1. If service layer is installed it can be checked by command:

rpm -qa | grep B1

Following components shall be installed:


B1ServiceLayerComponent- X.XXXXXXX-X

  1. Service Layer can by restarted by following command:

/etc/init.d/b1s restart


  1. If service layer is not installed then kindly install service layer


  1. If service layer installation got corrupted then :
  • Uninstall service layer
  • Unregister it from SLD
  • Install the service layer again


  1. Alerts are now part of Job Service – which needs to be started via SLD – there is a new Job service window where alerts are setup – a service user needs to be set – ideally AlerstSrv which is there by default – but it has to be verified if this user exists on all company DBs.
  2. There are also logs for alerts service which are stored in :



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