The extended Computer Aided Test Tool (eCATT) stores its scripts in the table ecscr_line. Here an ABAP report which downloads the whole set of all eCATT scripts of an SAP system to the frontend server. Each script is stored in a single file. Nothing exciting but sometimes quite useful.

"-Begin----------------------------------------------------------------- REPORT Z_GET_ALL_ECATT_SCRIPTS. DATA: lt_line TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ecscr_line, ls_line TYPE ecscr_line, ls_ec_line TYPE ecscr_line, lt_ec_line TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ecscr_line-XML_LINE, lv_filename TYPE string . SELECT * FROM ecscr_line INTO TABLE lt_line ORDER BY name version xml_lnr. LOOP AT lt_line INTO ls_line GROUP BY ( name = ls_line-name version = ls_line-version ). CLEAR lt_ec_line. LOOP AT GROUP ls_line INTO ls_ec_line. APPEND ls_ec_line-xml_line TO lt_ec_line. ENDLOOP. lv_filename = ls_line-name. REPLACE ALL OCCURRENCES OF '/' IN lv_filename WITH '_'. cl_gui_frontend_services=>gui_download( EXPORTING filename = 'C:DummyeCATT' && lv_filename && '_' && ls_line-version CHANGING data_tab = lt_ec_line EXCEPTIONS others = 1 ). IF sy-subrc <> 0. ENDIF. ENDLOOP. "-End-------------------------------------------------------------------

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