Are you still using the Silverlight-based user interface for Business ByDesign? We recommend you consider switching to the new HTML5-based client. With 1708 we had still some precautions in place especially with regards to AddOns built with the SAP Cloud Application Studio as I had explained in my blog Using the HTML5 UI in SAP Business ByDesign 1708. These are gone now. The SAP Business ByDesign product team hence encourages you to switch to the HTML5-based user interface now.

Why should you switch to the HTML5-based client?

  • We have achieved 99% feature parity between both clients. The remaining limitations are listed in case document 2372377
  • All innovations happen only on the HTML client, for example the simplifications & improvements of the analytics pattern or the ability to include KPIs in the launchpad and home overview pages
  • Your key user can now activate your PDI AddOns via the shell menu: Me – Key user settings – Enable Addon. Please do make sure that you have thoroughly tested them in the test system to avoid unpleasant surprises. It’s an ‘all or nothing’ activation, i.e. it will activate all of your AddOns. Please note that this option is only available in productive tenants because all AddOns are enabled by default in the test tenants anyways:

  • In case you have some individual users who do not feel ready to use the new HTML client, they can still use the Silverlight client by accessing it via a saved link.
    The launch URL for starting Silverlight version should look like this:
    To construct the URL for single sign on Silverlight client, add –sso to domain and add “/sap/byd/runtime?client_type=silverlight”.
    The launch URL for your SAP Business ByDesign system should then look like this: https://my1234567–

Roadmap to Silverlight client deprecation

  • 1711 & 1802: HTML is now the standard client for Business ByDesign. What does that mean? It means that all new tenants will be setup to use HTML as the default client unless they are created as a copy from a productive tenant which has silverlight set as the default.This is how you can change the default setting (as a key user):
  • 1805: We plan to switch the default client to HTML for ALL tenants with the 1805 upgrade. Customers will still be able to change the default settings as described above or access the Silverlight client via a direct URL.
  • 1808: We plan to deprecate the Silverlight client with SAP Business ByDesign release 1808. This means that as of 1808 the silverlight client will no longer be available

What else do you need to know?

Checkout this comprehensive summary of the main changes in our HTML5 user interface.

Here you can find dedicated detailed descriptions on the key innovations:

Mobile is next

Currently our SAP Business ByDesign mobile apps are a mix of native and HTML-based apps (iPhone, iPad, Android). We are now investing in an HTML5-based ByDesign mobile app. The new architecture will be HTML5 & Cordova based. On the UX we are collaborating closely with customers.

We’ll first release the new ByDesign mobile app as a Beta version and this will contain a subset of current apps and we will then sequentially renew all of our current apps. The existing HTML5 apps will be made accessible from this central app as well. Stay tuned for more information on timeline and scope via this channel in the beginning of 2018.

We will listen carefully to our customers’ and partners’ feedback to evolve this app further in the releases to come. Also, we will sequentially replace all non-HTML5 based apps and bring them into our new mobile app.

By the way: even without the HTML5 app you can of course already use HTML5-based ByDesign via your browser of your mobile devices using the standard URL and login. It is not optimized for mobile and no device integration, but if you can live with more scroll bars for the time being it is a nice alternative if you are on the road.

Legal Disclaimer: none of this is a commitment, it is a statement of intention. Possible future developments are subject to change and may be changed at any time for any reason without notice.