This week, SAP released the latest support package for SAP Single Sign-On 3.0. Support Package 2 contains several new features and functions as we continuously enhance the product to fulfill customer requests and upcoming security demands. New features include:

Certificate Lifecycle Management for SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP and Java

  • Automated renewal of certificates for both SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP and Java using Secure Login Server
  • Reduces manual efforts and prevents downtime

Mobile Single Sign-On

  • Previously, provisioning of X.509 client certificates, issued by Secure Login Server, to mobile devices has already been possible in multiple ways:
    • Using the Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) support of iOS
    • Using the SAP Authenticator app on iOS
    • Calling the new REST API of Secure Login Server from a custom app
  • Secure Login Server now further extends the capabilities for mobile single sign-on: SAP Mobile Platform and SAP Cloud Platform, Mobile Service for Development and Operations now integrate Secure Login Server, offering a seamless user experience for mobile applications.

Digital Signatures

  • Support for SAP UI5 applications
  • Client-side digital signatures can now be triggered from web applications
  • Browser-independent JavaScript interface (supported by all modern web browsers)
  • Cryptographic operations are securely executed in the context of the Secure Login Client

Secure Login Client

  • Full-featured Secure Login Client on macOS, supporting the same scenarios as the Windows version

Please refer to the release note for detailed information on new features and fixes. Documentation for SAP Single Sign-On 3.0 is available at the SAP Help Portal.

You can download the new support package from the SAP Support Portal (login required). Enjoy!


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