Most businesses fail within their first year, and the five-year survival rate is worse than most cancers. Learn what you need to ensure your business’s success for the foreseeable future.

Business is more competitive than ever. Chances are, someone is looking for your product or service right now that would love to have it. The problem is, you are probably not getting in front of them. If you are, you could be doing better.

If you aren’t, then there is still hope. The flurry of competitors that have popped up online in every industry speaks to the ease at which people can find clients willing to buy their product whether it’s high-quality printers or used underwear.  The only difference is how well you can make it work.

In this brief article, we will hit you with the main points to keep in mind when trying to run and solidify a business in 2018 and beyond. The main points to keep in mind are:

  1. Keep Your Business As Secure As Possible
  2. Make Sure Your Marketing Is Specialized

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Keep Your Business As Secure As Possible

Most business owners that work online are terrible at keeping their business secure. I can’t spoon feed you the details. You need to at the very least have:

  1. Great antivirus and security protection: There is a myriad of ways to get it, whether you have to buy in bulk or use Qetes for a discount, you should be protected.
  2. Keep track of who has access to what, and ensure your SSL certificates are up to date and you have the anti-DDOS software. You shouldn’t have any vulnerability because vulnerability means a website or system downtime, which means missed opportunities for money.
  3. Once a week or every two weeks, look at your finances. It’s better to see how well your money is being used before there is a problem. The smaller details from how you track purchases to employee acquisition and more reflect on how well your business is run. The last thing you want is to be stuck looking bad come tax time.

Make Sure Your Marketing Is Specialized

If you are selling pineapples would you want a car salesperson to be promoting your product? No? Then why is it so many business owners or marketers try and represent their products the wrong way?

If you can, work with a marketer or a team that specializes in your type of product. They understand the market better, how to use your budget better, and how to take advantage of not so well known market opportunities. One example is DIVISA, who specializes in marketing and branding for fashion lines and fashion-based business. They understand how to attract prospective fashionistas, influencers and more and how to package products specific to the industry.

You should work with a company that knows how to streamline the process of getting you new clients and representing your products and services best.

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