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As you know there is no option available on SUM tool directly to send email notification of process waiting for your input.

SAP developed tool call “MailNotifier” which is very useful to notify SUM is for waiting for user input.

Please follow below to configure Mail Notification.

  • Login to SAP server where SUM process is running

Navigate to: <X>:usrsap<SID>SUMabapmailNotifier

Note: This is your SUM extract directory

  • Open and modify “MailNotificationApp.props” file

Section : Mail Notifier Default Properties

sum.host = Host_Name sum.port = 1128 sum.user = <sid>adm sum.pwd = PASSWORD sum.sid = <SID> sum.type = sumabap sum.ssl = false


  1. port is default 1129 but I have is shown as 1128 because sum process running through HTTP and NOT HTTPS
  2. ssl = false because I am running sum as HTTP

As per SAP guide do not provide password on this props file and you can run command as shown below and it will automatically ask for password

Section : Mail related properties


mail.host = SMTP_HOST_NAME mail.port = SMTP_PORT mail.user = USER_NAME mail.pwd = PASSWORD mail.from = FROM_email_Address mail.to = To_email1,To_email2


Section : Check related properties

check.interval = 60 check.tries = 5

Note: I leave this as default values

  • Set JAVA Path through environment variable


Check Java version to make sure path is working


  • Run Command as : java -jar MailNotifierApp.jar properties=MailNotifierApp.props

Note: Keep this window open to receive alerts

Now you will get first email from tool as below

Note: After SUM process finish you can remove environment variable you created previously.

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