We are working for several years with various TREX versions normally without any mayor issue. But suddenly my fears came true – it happened! There is a problem with our TREX and we can’t find out what is going wrong there. So the first thing what I do is to have a look at the SDN Forums and SAP Notes to see if somebody has already experienced the same issue.  Unfortuntaly I don’t find anything that fits to my case so I decide to open a customer message under component BC-TRX* to get direct support from SAP. They ask relatively early for a service connection to analyze the issue with the TREX Admin tool. So let’s give it to them.  Mostly it isn’t enough to open just a R/3 connection to your ERP system to access the tool with the TREXADMIN transaction or a HTTP service connection to the Portal. Generally the support consultant must access the standalone TREX Admin tool on the TREX server to analyze the issue properly.

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