At SAPPHIRENOW Madrid this year we hosted a new event for our Partners – an onsite ‘Partner Qualification’ seminar for SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions. This seminar was designed to speed up the qualification process for many of our PartnerEdge Partners.

The regular Qualification process for SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions is performed over several weeks, as Partners work closely with their Partner Service Advisor (PSA). (Take a look at the regular process on the Partner Portal.)

During the 3 days of SAPPHIRENOW Madrid this year we were able to launch this new, expedited, onsite ‘Partner Qualification’ seminar, and the results are impressive:

  • 57 Partner implementation services for SAP Rapid Deployment Solution qualified by Solution Centers EMEA & DACH
  • Proposed by 40 partners
  • Including 4 partner-led rapid-deployment Solutions

The Partner’s and SAP’s  stakeholders were so pleased, that SAP is planning to replicate this type of event for future SAP FKOMs and SAPPHIRE NOWs! However, if you are a Partner and do not wish to wait until future events to become qualified for SAP Rapid Deployment Solution implementation services, then click here to begin your ‘Partner Qualification’ process today!


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