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ín this blog I will provide some hints when working with the Excel Template, downloaded from the SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit.

The migration template is an Microsoft Excel XML Spreadsheet 2003 that is an XML file and not a normal Excel workbook. It consists of different sheets to specify the data that belongs to different data structures. Some sheets are mandatory, and some are optional.


  • Always download and fill the original template of the SAP S/4HANA release you want to upload your data to.
  • Use sheet FIELD LIST to gain information which sheets are mandatory.
  • The wildcard character (*) indicates that a field is mandatory.
  • Maintain all mandatory fields in a mandatory sheet
  • Mandatory fields in an optional sheet don´t need to be filled.


  • Do not use a template from previous release.
  • Never change the structure and don’t make any changes on the format.
  • Don’t delete, rename, or reorder any sheet in the XML file.
  • Don’t change the cell formatting, don’t use formulas, and don’t hide, remove, or reorder any column in the XML file
  • Don’t change data by Find and Replace function. If you change data by Find and Replace  you may also accidentally change the field names and corrupt the XML structure.
  • Avoid empty lines in the XML (otherwise error message “… contains records with duplicate keys….” can arise).

A modified Migration Template will cause errors when trying to load into the migration cockpit or will cause errors during the data migration process


2470789 – SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit – Cloud data migration template samples


Formatting issues – Copying values

1. Within a migration template us Paste Option VALUES (V)


2. From somewhere else to the migration template use Past Option PASTE SPECIAL.. and then choose TEXT

3. From Notepad to the migration template use Past Option KEEP TEXT ONLY (T)


WIN10 Version and upgrade to new office Issues

  1. In case you get strange “Workbook” error when opening the template… we recommend to unflag the follwoing flag:
  2. Truncated decimal fields

In case you get Truncation warnings in the Cockpit when template is uploaded like:

see also note 2563690 Tab <Structure/Tab sheet name>, ‘<a decimal field name>’: Line 9 is truncated during upload; maximum data length is <field max length>.

Background: If the Options “Set precision as displayed” is not checked (default setting = not checked), the value is stored longer into the XML then its definition.

Definition is Data Type „DEC“ Length „9“ Decimals „5“ and value entered and displayed in field is “45.12345”

The data is correct filled into the staging with 45.12345.


We recomment to flag the following:

Excel Options -> Advanced -> When calculating this workbench: “Set precision as displayed”



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