Hello S/4HANA migration cockpit users,

in this blog we would like to share some best practices, either in documents or short videos.

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New migration object – Create own function module:

  • In general the API must be a function module (FM) – RFC capability is not required.
  • OData and other techniques are currently not supported by the SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit.
  • The pre-requisites are quite the same as the BAPI definitions in the BAPI Programming Guide
  • The API must not execute ‘COMMIT WORK’ commands. The COMMIT control is handled by the Migration Tool
  • Error Handling: All messages must be returned in a BAPIRET2 formatted table or structure.
  • API should provide a test run flag to simulate the data creation
    • Internal Buffers must be refreshed in case the API is called in test run mode to prevent buffer overflows and performance issues when calling in a loop
  • Consistency Check: Write-enabled API methods must make all the necessary consistency checks to ensure that the modified or newly created instance is consistent.
  • Plausibility Checks: All necessary plausibility checks must be done within the API
  • If some of the prerequisites are not met, you can develop a wrapper (e.g. for old IDocs).






  • If you use SAPGUI 7.50 we recommand to unflag “SAP Fiori visual theme”



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