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Are you anxious for SAP TechEd Barcelona? I am! But if you are also curious regarding which SAP Mentors will be there, check out the presence list! You can meet them in the event and join some sessions that they will perform also you can click on the link to see the SAP Mentors Booth schedule!

Booth Schedule

Presence List:

SAP MentorNetworking Session
Abdulbasit GulsenNET54829:   Build UIs Based on SAP Fiori in SAP
Alessandro Iannacci
Andre FischerNET53482:   OData V4 service development
Ann Rosenberg
Aviad RivlinNET54867:   SAP Fiori Cloud: Overview and What’
Chris Rae
Christian Braukmüller
Christian Drumm
Christian LechnerNET53494:   Extensions in the Age of SAP S/4HAN
NET53494:   Extensions in the Age of SAP S/4HAN
Dagfinn Parnas
Dan Grew
Daniel GraversenNET54840:   SAP Integration Trends
David Ruiz Badia
Diego Dora
DJ AdamsDX262 Experience the Simplicity of Developing Portals on the Cloud
CPL168 Identity and Access Management Across SAP and Google in SAP Cloud Platform
CPL163  Build Your Own Workflow from Scratch with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow
DX263   My Inbox: Integrate All Workflows into a Single Inbox with SAP Fiori
Eduardo Chagas
Florian Henninger
Frank KoehntoppNET53459:   Security in 140 Characters
Frank Schuler
Gareth RyanNET53627:   Use SAP Build, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP
Graham Robinson
Gregor WolfNET53634:   Community Project: Registration App for SAP Events
Hendrik NeumannNET54894:   SAP CRM: State of the Union Discuss
Henrik Wagner
Jan PenninkhofNET54893:   Who to trust – The current state of
Jitendra KansalShowfloor: Apple and SAP Partnership

  • Expert Table: ‘User Experience & Development’

Jocelyn DartNET54841:   Design for Disabilities and Improve
DX203 Improve Accessibility with Inclusive Design from SAP Fiori
Julia DorbicNET53443:   Design Thinking – Innovating for Pe
Lars HvamNET53819:   abapGit Meetup
Leonardo De Araujo
Luis Felipe Lanz
Marcelo Ramos
Maria Antonieta Lopez
Mark Teichmann
Marssel Vilaça
Martin FischerS4H279 Build Transactional SAP Fiori App: ABAP Programming Model for SAP S/4 HANA
S4H251 Custom Development with CDS and BOP for Your SAP S/4HANA Transformation
Martin Lang
Maximilian Schaufler
Michael Koch
Midhun VPNET53438:   Digital Transformation-Is SAP Cloud
Oliver Schreiber
Peter LangnerNET53437:   Dos and Don’ts When Using Business 
Phil Loewen
Raquel Pereira da CunhaNET53376:   How SAPUI5 Mobile Apps can Compleme
NET53400:   SAP Solution Manager Change Request
Raquel Seville
Ridvan Polat
Riley Rainey
Robert EijpeNET53397:   SAP Leonardo: The Driver for New Bu
Roel van den BergeNET54832:   The Journey from ABAP to SAPUI5
Ronald Konijnenburg
Seung Chan Lim
Simha R. Magal
Steve Guo
Steve Rumsby
Tamas SzirtesNET53540:   The Skills You Need to Get Into Lea
Tobias Trapp
Tom CenensNET54919:   Change Request Management in SAP So
Twan van den BroekNET53637:   Rapid Prototyping with the Run-Live
Wence Lacaze
Wouter LemaireDX252 SAP Web IDE: Create Your Own Feature to Speed Up SAP Fiori App Development
 DX200 Plug Your Development Solution into SAP Web IDE
Yariv ZurNET54883:   Transitioning from SAP Enterprise P


And here are the people from SAP Mentors Program and SAP Community Team that will be there too!


Katarina Fischer
Malin Liden
Svea Becker
Jason CaoNET53448:   How Being Likeable is Good for You
Rafael GuimbalaNET53445:   Innovation Formula
Jamie CantrellNET54949: Using the Community to build your personal brand 
Mynyna Chau
Brian Ellefritz
Jerry Janda
Gali Kling Schneider
Moshe Naveh NET54837:   Empathy Inside and Outside the Com


See you in Barcelona!


PS: If I forgot any session feel free to include!

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