A Microsoft sponsored research attached numbers around an idea that’s pretty much known and acknowledged among modern humans – the average attention span is decreasing. For businesses, this means they now have precious little breathing space when it comes to establishing, nurturing, and leveraging customer interactions. The SAP Hybris Consumer Insights Report captures how almost every consumer wants answers to his/her queries within 24-hours (89% to be precise). This is just one of the manifestations of the attitude of the modern consumer. Businesses can’t continue to treat customers are numbers anymore.

Why Run The Risk of Degrading Your Brand?

Vlad Kostovski, marketing, and sales educator explain how invariably, businesses end up adopting and sticking with primitive marketing media, and in doing so, self-degrade their brand equity.  Right from a dental clinic in a suburban town to a multinational retail chain, every business needs to bring in the power of personalization and advanced digital marketing, incorporating new age technologies such as IoT, machine learning, and facial recognition.

This is where businesses have a lot of benefit in tracing the moves of pioneering sales and marketing automation and business empowerment companies. SAP ranks right up there among global innovation leaders in the world of business applications, and here’s why it’s going to continue making businesses successful in the times to come.

SAP – Empowering Businesses Across Industries with Hybris and Extended Integrations

SAP Hybris has been a strategic acquisition of great impact for SAP. This product content management suite and enterprise channel management software, ever since its acquisition by SAP in 2013, has made rapid moves in the retail commerce industry worldwide. Hybris, now a largely cloud powered offering, comes with mind blowing tools that enable customer engagement, data analytics, and CRM, apart from full-fledged commerce management. SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud is a stellar suite for any consumer business, equipped with all the necessary tools required for highly personalized, automated, and targeted customer interactions management.

SAP Leonardo and Hybris – A Game Changer for Retail

SAP Leonardo is a new age brand of SAP proprietary software that aims at integrating the power of facial recognition within other SAP products, such as Hybris. Such a futuristic system could be used to capture shoppers’ demographics, add the data to the company’s database, and make product recommendations based on purchase behavior of people that fit the profile.

IoT, and How Hybris Can Bolster Businesses Using It

Imagine having a system in place that could offer your customers a personalized discount voucher at a premium health-band, when they reach a health milestone recorded on the smart band they own currently. That’s what happens when IoT meets intelligent customer interaction technologies. SAP Hybris Customer Attribution solution (called Abakus formerly) makes this realizable, with advanced measurement, analytic, and reporting functionalities that crunch data from dozens of customer-company touchpoints. This helps businesses align their actions with their marketing goals, gives a boost to campaign ROIs, and helps drive conversions up.

Concluding Remarks

It’s way too chaotic, expensive, cumbersome, and risky for businesses to experiment with multiple new-age technologies like cloud-based ERP, facial recognition, IoT, and machine learning, SAP, with its Hybris suite, and all its extended integrations organize everything and supercharge your business’ success.

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