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I am SAP CRM-Contact Center(BCM) Consultant, writing my first blog. Hope it will be helpful for consultants working on SAP Contact Center integrations.

While Implementing Contact Center with one of our client, they had existing IP telephony system supported by Avaya. Which they wanted to be as it is in place. So the challenge was to integrate Avaya with Contact center.

Generally, SAP recommends Cisco router for PSTN network to contact center integration. So here in this implementation, we used existing Avaya routers to connect PSTN calls to Contact center.

After many trials, troubleshooting, traces, logs and our honest efforts we finally made it. 🙂

Below things to be we considered and kept same at both systems, CC(Contact Center) and Avaya.

Trunk : SIP Bridge

SIP Transport Protocol : TCP

Codec : G711u

Settings to be done in Contact Center System Configurator:

  1. Create SIP Trunk under Call switching tab.

Mention IP address and Port of Avaya system, while creating this trunk.

2. Switching Routes

Define the switching route with possible patterns based on Avaya calling patterns, which will help to make call from CRM IC/CDT application. These calls will route through Avaya.

3. Global switching settings

Define Codec priority and other global settings for the connection.

4. Number Ranges

Decide the number range pattern with Avaya system admin, so that within those set of number extensions will be used in SAP CC.

For eg. In Avaya 1000 to 1099 this extension pattern will be reserved for SAP.

While installing Database virtual unit of contact center we will use 1000 to 1099 as PSTN number ranges.

Through system configurator, these number extension will be available for assigning to queues, IVRs, users etc.


Similar settings are done @Avaya side too, in Avaya session manager and Avaya Communication manager. SAP PSTN Virtual unit IP address and TCP Port Number needs to be shared to Avaya, for creating similar SIP bridge connection in Avaya.


Result : Using above settings we achieved below calling scenarios successfully.

  1. Contact Center to External number calling (PSTN numbers)
  2. Contact Center to Avaya extensions
  3. External Number(PSTN numbers) to Contact Center IVR calling
  4. Avaya Extension to Contact Center IVR Calling


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