SO I have an exact opposite blog than my last couple of blogs.   As I sit here this morning, I wonder, why do I bother?   Is there anything right with this site?

What is right?

If you’ve read my comments, I am very happy with the open learning available.    There are some amazing courses mixed in with some marketing.   I tend to drop out of the marketing ones and focus on the courses that I really like.    I’ve really liked all the design courses.

I like that the mentor blogs are on the front page.   These are some amazing blogs by some amazing people.

I can comment on questions without answering.   That way when others look at it, they can quickly tell the question isn’t answered.

There is a lot of other training in the site.  There are how-to guides.  There is an area to download trial versions.

There are like minded people still here.   They do love SAP, new technology and have fun learning!   Yes, there are less.   But there are still quite a few here!

Why bring people back – why not another site?

Well – I haven’t found another site that does all of the above.   Each site I go to – I never find a perfect one.   It’s the 80/20 rule.   If they get it right 80 percent of the time, then that is what they want.

The archived questions – answer a lot of the questions that I have.   Don’t forget those archived questions come from SCN, SDN, and/or the SAP community.

Why bother?

All of the above, of course.   But for me personally, it is getting back into a fun group of people talking openly about SAP – even if it is to vent about the platform.  There are so many people that agree.   But there are some out there that disagree.   It’s interesting to engage them, and learn something new.

My next point – I usually learn something new.   If I post a blog, someone could think the entire thing is wrong, and tell me why.   That’s great!   Then they give me more information.   Someone could agree with me.   That immediately gives me a reason to write more blogs.   They also may add some more to the blog /reasons.

So this blog is a simple one.   Why even keep coming here?   Why look into the community?  I mean we all agree the platform is “broke”, but is there a reason to take the time to learn how to work around the issues?  (If there is a way)

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