Both the SAP Analytics Cloud solution and the SAP Digital Boardroom have gained a reputation among customers such as Yazaki Europe Ltd. And Northern Gas Networks for delivering enterprise performance management (EPM) capabilities and modern analysis and planning capabilities. The former, which was earlier known as the SAP BusinessObjects Cloud, and the latter, which was developed based on the SAP Analytics Cloud, have proven highly effective when it comes to streamlining retail management.

What Accounts for the Growing Demand

One of the reasons why the process has gone off smoothly till now is the interest among customers to rapidly adopt this SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for the purposes of planning, business performance management, and business analytics. Currently, there are over 300 SAP partners who actively sell and support the SAP Analytics Cloud. And that number is steadily growing. As Paul Hamerman, a research analyst for Forrester mentions, the reasons for the early adoption of the new SaaS EPM offering – the SAP BusinessObjects Cloud – as well as its Digital Boardroom management reporting solution could have something to do with SAP’s strategy for real-time business. Also, the coming together of online and offline business data to form hybrid digital ecosystems based on POS system interfaces has fuelled the demand for cloud-based analytics.

Real-World Examples

Northern Gas Networks

Take, for example, the case of Northern Gas Networks. This is a gas distribution network based out of the North of England with a customer base of 6.7 million. And the company is currently undergoing digital transformation. Their goal? To become one of the most respected and beloved companies in the UK. What’s more, the higher-ups in the company realize that to achieve this goal, they need to provide high-quality customer service all the time. For that reason, they invested in the Digital Boardroom from SAP, which they dubbed as the “Digital Operations Room”.

Using this retail management service from SAP has proven extremely effective for the company. They are well on their way to offering real-time insights and cost reporting for key shareholders and regulators, which is something SAP specializes in.

According to the company’s head of Smart Information Management, Tom Pollock, one of the best aspects of SAP’s Digital Operations room is how it offers a platform for people within the company to consider all the data and make informed decisions. He also believes that the industry is progressing towards a scenario where people will be able to make decisions depending on what’s going on at the moment. Going forward, in fact, they might be able to make critical decisions based on a forecast of what’s going to take place within the next minute/hour/week/year.

Yazaki Europe

The biggest producer of wiring harnesses and a major player in the automotive industry, Yazaki Europe Ltd. selected SAP Analytics Cloud for better integration with other existing SAP solutions. Their goal was to support various human resource processes, like standardizing and aligning the monthly headcount and budget planning, forecasting, full-time reporting, and personnel headcount.

According to the company’s COC Business Intelligence Philip Preissing, the reason for choosing SAP analytics was based on their need for a contemporary, SaaS offering that integrates fully with SAP SuccessFactors solutions and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation. Thanks to the SAP Analytics Cloud, the company now has several sophisticated solutions in place that not only streamlines the HR planning processes but also improves it.

How It Benefits Retail Management Companies

It wouldn’t be wrong to think of SAP Analytics as a mix of various analytics capabilities, such as predictive analytics, planning, business intelligence, and reporting – all within a single SaaS solution. A company that chooses this service can benefit from the modern, intuitive user experience. Plus, it can save time by analyzing, collaborating, planning, and predicting in context. You can couple it up with a proposal software like PandaDoc to grow faster and streamline the sales success.

Final Thoughts

The SAP Analytics also as a true SaaS solution since it provides scalability, and accommodates everything from global implementations to small scale departmental deployments.

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