This is the seventh blog of the blog series about Remote Code Analysis in ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC).

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You used various extensions (modifications, enhancements, customer exits) in your custom code and want to include your modified source code objects into ATC check runs.

Note: modified source code objects can be checked only from the central ATC system remotely. On the development system ATC checking of modified source code objects is not yet supported until further notice.


The central ATC check system must be on the SAP_BASIS 7.52 and set up and configured in your system landscape: see Remote Code Analysis in ATC – Technical Setup Step by Step. In the central ATC check system implement the SAP Notes 2524014 and 2519807. In the remote checked systems implement the SAP Notes 2485231, 2270689 and 2451683.

Quality Expert: Include modified objects into ATC check runs

When you configure ATC check run series in the ATC transaction (click ATC Administration > Runs > Schedule Runs > Create, more on this in the Configuring Run Series in the Central System) you can include all your modified objects using the Include Modified Source Code Objects checkbox on the Modified Objects tab (default choice for ATC mass runs).

Alternatively you can specify the subset of modified objects by packages (modifications may be located in SAP packages) and object types on the Modified Objects tab.

Developer: View modified objects in ATC results

After you execute an ATC check run, you can see the ATC findings in your modified objects like in this example:


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