While I was surfing through few S/4 systems, I came across a behavior in a system (1511), whenever I have executed the transaction XD01 or XD02, it is redirected to transaction ‘BP’

Initially I thought it was a configuration, later I figured it out as SAP hard coding.


Recently I got a requirement to redirect XD01/XD02 to MDG Customer Maintenance Screens as we have implemented MDG  and Business wanted either create/change has to happen from MDG Portal not from backend XD01/XD02 transactions.

I recalled that I have seen behavior of redirecting XD01 transaction to BP somewhere, later I understood that it is not a part of configuration but it is S/4 HANA code.

I have used BADI to call piece of code mentioned below to redirect XD01 to MDG Customer Maintenance Screen.

My Approach towards the Solution:

**–Get the Base URL of the System
DATA(lv_url) = cl_nwbc=>url_base(  ).
**–Concatenate SAP MDG Customer Role to URL CONCATENATE lv_url ‘~roletest/SAP_MDGC_CL_MENU_04/?sap-nwbc-node=root’
INTO lv_url.

**–Call the URL
CALL METHOD cl_nwbc=>url_launch( lv_url ).

**–Exit the Current Transaction


Extra Notes:

With this Similar Approach, we can redirect all GUI transactions for Customer/Vendor/Material/FI related transaction to MDG Portal.

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