Analytics is the information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics. SAP Business Objects platform is one of the best platforms for analytics and BI as it supports the digital world with real-time insight and data-driven decision making. I experienced its flexibility, scalability and self-service ability when I could share insights during my project work.


Here’s what I did in my project –

I tried to reverse engineer AirBnB’s Database model, and designed ER and Dimensional Models. Later, I created a dummy database for the models in MS SQL Server.


Universe Designer is a tool that lets users create, modify, deploy and read definitions of the universes, stored in the BusinessObjects repository. The semantic layer that sits on top of the database and maps to the database is called a Universe. A universe maps the relational data in the database to Classes and Objects. A universe itself does not contain data. It just points to the data in the database. A universe serves as an interface to the end user and can hide unnecessary or irrelevant information in the database from the end user. A universe gives you access to the information that you would need for your reporting.


I used SAP Universe Design tool to create 2 universes – one using the Airbnb ER model and the second using the Airbnb dimensional model. I used the database from MS SQL Server. The universes were created using Universe designer (UDT) in Standalone mode.


1. ER Model in SAP BusinessObjects Universe Designer application


2. Dimensional Model in SAP BusinessObjects Universe Designer application


Using the Payment Amount in the dimensional model based universe, I created calculated fields for:
– QTD Revenue collected
– YTD Revenue collected
– Last Month Revenue collected

3. QTD code and parsing


In order to calculate these fields, you will have to use the system date (getdate in SQL Server) in the Object Select. You can search online for examples on –


The Information Design Tools or IDT is a new semantic layer modeling tool from SAP. I duplicated the universes using Information Design Tool (IDT).

If you want to learn more about IDT, tutorials are available at –


In the end, performed reporting using WebIntelligence XI3. We can analyze data at a deeper level using this tool. The tool provides multiple types of Query filters, table displays (Horizontal, Vertical, Crosstabs and User Forms), Layouts, Report filters (Block, Quick, Global), Charts, Formats, Formulas and Variables, and drilled results.


In such a way, we can create basic and advance reports using Web Intelligence.

If you have questions, feel free to comment below. Thank you for reading my article.

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