When it comes to talks about the future, it’s impossible to pass round the notion of the fully-connected world. Frankly speaking, it’s not actually difficult to imagine this scenario because we are already living in the beginning of this era. The Internet has announced a new age of connectivity, which is giving people the opportunity to communicate in new ways that were previously considered to be impossible, and the advances in technology have introduced new products that benefit from this capability.

It has never been easier to connect to the web as just pushing the button on your smartphone. Or maybe you have a wearable like Apple Watch or FitBit that can track your vital signs and deliver them to a central server. These are just a few examples of the prospective intrinsic in a connected world of the future. According to a report by global research organization Software.org, by the end of the decade, more than 50 billion things will be connected to the internet. So, make sure your own business is a part of this connected future.

The Notion of a Connected World

What does a connected world of the future look like? First of all, it will involve the growing use of cloud computing. In the last few years, we have already tasted how useful and versatile the cloud is. These days it has gotten to the point where we almost don’t think what goes into sending or getting emails. You are probably already using various cloud-based applications. Just imagine that nearly every tool and program in the future will be powered with the help of cloud computing – from research collaboration to project management.

The Forecast for the Companies of the Future

For the majority of companies, the growth of connected devices via the internet of things (IoT) will emphasize the organizational challenge of making sure that it doesn’t affect customer experiences in a negative way. The recent forecast made by Gartner, Inc. in 2017 stated that this year there are 8.4 billion connected things, which is 31% more than in 2016. It is estimated that by 2020 this number will reach 20.4 billion. Generally, Gartner suggests that the IoT market will grow dramatically over the next few years, which will affect every industry.

Make Your Customers Satisfied

At the same time, we are all aware of the research by the Customer Contact Council, which mentions that after a service interaction the customers are four times more likely to be dissatisfied with a company. Taking into account profitability, market share and sustainability that are laid down at stake, it is to the company’s interest to make sure that service interactions do not lead to having dissatisfied and disloyal customers. As it was also mentioned in this research, organizations create loyal and satisfied customers by helping them solve their issues fast and easily.

Benefits of Connected World for Your Business

The idea behind the connected world is very promising which means the businesses and companies will have much to gain. Even though you may need financial help for your small business to implement these changes, it will pay off in the long term.

Certainly, not all companies are related to technology, but the connected future will definitely change this situation. The connected future creates a huge puzzle, and letting your business to be a piece of that giant puzzle will help your company grow and satisfy your customers. After all, a fully-connected world of the future is in the pipeline. So, becoming a part of this new era will allow your organization expand and succeed.

The next several years will be the times to adjust and figure out how best to utilize this connectivity. But there is certainly no stopping the modern world from becoming more and more connected.

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