In order to understand your customers, you have to think like a customer. When you put yourself in their shoes, you’ll realize just how much noise they’re exposed to on a daily basis. And in order to cut through this noise, your only option is to personalize your marketing efforts.

3 Tips for Cutting Through the Noise

Today’s customers have grown accustomed to personalization in every aspect of their lives. They can customize every single option on a car before buying. They can sort through a menu of movies on Netflix and pick the perfect one. Consumers can even have meal delivery services ship them the foods and ingredients they like.

In other words, customers have come to expect personalization – even in marketing. If you want to cut through the noise and penetrate your target audience, you have to get rid of the generic messages and zero in on what they really want. Thankfully, there are some extremely practical ways to do this.

1. Gather the Right Data

Personalized marketing all starts with having the right data. When you collect the right information, you’re able to get more out of each interaction you have with customers.

Thankfully, advanced tools from SAP make it easier than ever to collect data and implement strategies that effectively leverage this information. For example, the National Hockey League has seen 25 percent higher fan engagement with the use of SAP Hybris Marketing over the last couple of years. With the right data, you could too.

2. Generate Customer Personas

At the heart of personalized marketing is customer segmentation. You can’t just say, “This is my audience.” You need to say, “This is my audience and it’s divided up into these four sub-categories.”

By creating different customer personas, you’re able to identify what sets each of your customers apart and deliver more personalized value in your marketing messaging.

“There are varying degrees of this, but, as a basic example, a company offering a product suitable for both SEO specialists as well as paid traffic can identify which persona a lead identifies with using email tags based on past behavior,” marketing consultant Andrew Hubbard explains. “They can then send each persona links to a different sales page, each uniquely tailored to speak to either the SEO or paid traffic specialist. This level of personalization allows a brand to communicate the benefits of their solution most relevant to the individual, naturally increasing conversion rates.”

3. Remember Physical Marketing

In a world where SEO, social media, and content marketing rule, it’s easy to forget about the other half of the equation: physical marketing. Digital marketing matters a great deal, but you can’t just blow off the value of physical marketing.

The great thing about physical marketing is that it’s easy to target certain groups of people. All you have to do is print some cheap flyers and post them in a conspicuous place where your target market gathers. Or perhaps you want to launch a pop-up shop as part of a local event designed to reach a particular market. Whatever you do, don’t write physical marketing off just because we operate in a digital age.

Personalization Wins the Day

It’s all about personalization these days. If you can’t focus your marketing efforts and convert distracted customers, you’re going to find it difficult to generate a return on your investment. Try implementing some of the tips highlighted in this article and see if they can make a difference for you. If nothing else, you’ll get to know your customers better and have a good “pulse” on what they need.

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