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Using multiple Identity Providers for a Portal site in SAP Cloud Platform

A common requirement when building applications on SAP Cloud Platform is to enable access to various groups within different Identity Providers within your organization. You probably are aware of setting up the trust with your Identity Provider within SAP Cloud Platform. After configuring the trust with your Identity Provider, whenever …

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User Interaction within a Fiori App

Usability is the Key to a successful application. I believe user interaction should be seamless, and Fiori guidelines help us accomplish this goal.   I wanted to share my experience on developing some basic functionality in a simple Fiori App.  I will use Worklist app (list records on first Master page, …

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Understanding Impact Of Big Data On Businesses

The capabilities of today’s computer systems are mind boggling – especially when compared to computers of the past. Today, high-tech machines have more power than ever, making it possible to gather an incredible amount of data. This data can be used to deal with a variety of different challenges, ranging …

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UBER API Consumption in SAPUI5

Business Scenario Customer wants to have capability to call UBER from a Fiori Launchpad after he/she books ticket online and needs go to cinema. Call UBER would be a good option to get to cinema. Solution A PoC is build up for this purpose. Assume the current customer position (source …

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Trying what is new in SAP Lumira Designer 2.1

I recapped here what is new with Lumira 2.1 and it was GA on Friday.  I also wrote yesterday what is new in SAP Lumira Discovery. Commentary Commentary is at the data level, application based, cell commentary with three levels of commentary on the BI platform Use the new samples that come …

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Trying What is New in Lumira Discovery 2.1

I recapped here what is new with Lumira 2.1 and it was GA yesterday.   I started with our overall 2016 ASUG BI webcast statistics: Forecasting is Back in 2.1 How about adding a time  series chart?   And adding a trendline?   To forecast future periods of webcast attendance, right …

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Transformations-Offensive #NextLearning

Bei so viel Innovationen im Bereich Weiterbildung oder neudeutsch „Learning“ könnte man sich zurücklehnen und tiefenentspannt sein. Warum wollen  wir trotzdem gemeinsam mit der Competence Site und anderen Partnern das Thema Next Learning im Rahmen einer Transformations-Offensive voranbringen? Und vor allem: Was planen wir im Einzelnen? Das sei hier kurz …

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Top 5 Trends in Customer Experience

Each and every industry is evolving at its own pace. However, there is a universal movement across industries, and it’s aiming towards improving customer experience. It’s a customer-driven market. The competition between businesses is fierce, so people have an ability to choose from more options than ever. Their choice is …

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Top 10 Tweets from @CRnAnalysisTips in November 2017

The following is a list of top 10 tweets from crnanalysistips for the month of November 2017:   KBA 2539310 – HTTP 404 accessing BILP or CMC when Tomcat is configured for SSL after upgrade   Blog: Tableau vs Power BI vs SAP Lumira vs SAP AnalyticsCloud – Which Self-Service BI Tool …

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