Bemis is a global company that creates flexible and rigid plastic packaging for food, consumer products, healthcare and industrial applications.  Bemis’s innovation center works with customers to develop packaging to meet changing requirements in areas such as product protection, brand enhancement, and supply chain efficiency.  Insights about consumer preferences and trends are investigated to help with innovation and one example is a very interesting and thought provoking Bemis E-Book: Packaging for a new era of e-commerce that you can download from their website to read the full 23 page book.

The E-Book examines the differences between the traditional Consumer Product Goods supply chain and the new E-Commerce supply chain and how that impacts packaging design.  One part that many people may find surprising is the increase in the number of touch points in the E-Commerce distribution chain compared to traditions Brick & Mortar retail distribution.


There are 11 touch points in E-Commerce compared to 4 in the traditional supply chain!  This of course increases the risk of product damage especially since the E-Commerce product is shipped as an ‘each’ instead of a pallet or case before it is an ‘each’ in retail.  Bemis point out that moving to new innovative packaging like fitment standup pouches instead of rigid glass containers drastically reduce the potential for damaged products reaching the e-commerce customer.

Stories like this from Bemis cause me to consider what software can contribute to design of new products to meet the changing requirements of a digital economy.  What comes to mind is the potential for ‘digital twins’ that is enabled by SAP’s Leonardo portfolio.  Digital twins can help with simulations of product design as well as manufacturing capability.


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