As you might know, the WEBGUI File Browser is replacing the Java Applet to perform download/upload operations via WEBGUI.

You can use the WEBGUI File Browser in all web browsers supported by PAM: check my previous blog about it.

Today I want to present a new feature: white list and black list of the content that can be displayed via WEBGUI file browser.

MP4: No, no, no!

For testing purposes, I uploaded a MP4 video file to a purchase order in my test system.

Here you can see the attachment list:

Service - Attachment List.jpg

When I select the Video row and click on the display button, the following popup appears:

Popup 1.jpg

So, before I can view a file, the same should be available via virtual file system.

When I confirm this popup, I receive the information that “mp4” files cannot be opened:

Popup 2.jpg

And, confirming this popup brings another popup:

Popup 3.jpg

What happens via WEBGUI File Browser?

Now I have the file stored in the virtual file system:

WEBGUI File Browser.jpg

When I access the WEBGUI File Browser and try to see the file, I receive more information:

Popup 4.jpg

So, the only way to visualize the content of the MP4 file is: export the file to the local file system first, then the file can be opened.

White List, Black List

There is a list of allowed file types and mp4 is not included there.

A new parameter is available:


One example of use:


So, if I want to allow the MP4 file type:


If I would like to block access to HTML files, then another parameter needs to be used:


My setting is:


The GUI Configuration of my test system (WEBGUI service):

GUI Configuration.jpg

Now, if I try to visualize the video, the player is called and the video displayed.

If you want to use this new feature, then please read SAP note 2305615: a kernel upgrade is required.

The list of allowed extensions is also available in the note.

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