At the recent SAPPHIRENOW 2013 in Orlando Florida, I had the opportunity to speak to several mobile experts from SAP Services. Each of them provided a quick synapsis of the tone of the conversations they were having with customers at the event.

Innovate and Go-to-Market Faster

John Chua from the SAP Mobility Services SWAT team speaks about how to help customers innovate, adopt best practices and go to market faster.

Mobile Strategy Framework

Jomy Pidiath, the Head of Mobile Strategy Service Practice in North America, speaks about his customer conversations on developing a mobile strategy.

Scaling Your Mobile Strategy

JP Finnell, the Head of Mobile Strategy and Services in North America, explains how he’s guiding customers at SAPPHIRENOW that are wrestling with how to develop and scale up a mobile strategy.

To learn more about how SAP Services helps customers innovate, check out these blogs.

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