The supply chain network has always been a tough nut to crack. It’s starting to get a lot better now, but in the past there were far too many moving parts. Certain things were a lot more difficult for businesses over the years and one of them was advanced customizations.

Thankfully, mass customization of goods will become easier as time goes on. We’ll focus our attention towards intelligent manufacturing as opposed to simple assembly lines. Let’s take a quick look at some of the tops ways it’s being done today.

1. Standard Mass Production

When you’re selling certain products it’s obvious some variations will be more desired than others. SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights will be able to give you the answers. What do you think companies can do with it?

They’ll still be able to mass produce products, but they’ll be able to make a greater number of certain kinds. For example, they could manufacture twice as many red glasses versus blue ones due to the extra demand.

2. Mass Production And Customization

Mass production and customization is a little like the last thing we talked about, but it comes with a slightly different twist. A company will mass produce a base model and they will outsource all of their customizations.

A perfect example of this can be seen in the automotive industry. If you know anything about cars you’ll realize every different kind has a base model. Customers can then choose customization packages based on their specific needs.

3. Self Service Manufacturing

Again, it’s similar to what we’ve already looked at but with a twist. Advanced assembly lines will be able to make customizations at various points in the production process depending on what each customer wants.

Think about how much you can now customize a simple pair of running shoes. They can be produced so fast customers won’t even notice a difference. Software will be able to choose customizations for people in the future.

4. Advanced Soft Customization

When you buy a new smartphone it looks the same as all the rest. In fact, it mostly is until it’s taken out of the box. The only differences might be the color and storage space before it’s unwrapped.

Manufacturers don’t need to spend time customizing each product individually because it contains software. People will be able to make all the changes themselves and their smartphones will be unique.

5. Self Customization By Customers

Soft customizations focuses on software, but customers can customize their own physical products too. You don’t need to look any further than the bicycle industry to see this in action.

Once someone owns a bike they’ll be able to buy different parts to upgrade it themselves. They’ll still get to own customized products, but manufacturers will be able to mass produce them easily.

Mass Customization Is Definitely The Future

Nobody wants to own the same products as other people any more. We live in a world where everyone wants to be unique. Luckily we’ve got the technology to ensure it’s possible and it will only get easier as things like software continue to improve.

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