With complex SAP platform, Debugging becomes troublesome. In many of the support projects you need to find out the BADI, Customer Exit or in simple words customer code implemented.This can be sometimes hectic and cumbersome.

Even when you are debugging a webdynpro application you come across a lot of SAP Code which you are not interested in.

SAP Layer Aware Debugging comes here to rescue.

So without putting any more words let’s see how to use it.


Here in my case I am executing a PA40 action to terminate the employee.



I will put  “/h” in the command box to start the debugging


Important Step :-  You  need to click on “configure debugger layer”



Following Screen Appears.

I entered Z* in the package as I wanted to search any customer code in the Terminating Action. (All the packages in my project are Z . You can enter Y* to Z* in select option if needed)




Very Important Step :- I skipped it the very first time, You have to click on Next Object Set i.e.




The debugger stopped at the Z code in Termination action.

You can click on Next Object Recursively to to go the next customer implemented code.

Enjoy, Have fun happy debugging.


“If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.”


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