It is not possible to delete the Help LaunchPad add on/transport.



Like all products and components that are installed via transport/add on, there  is no clean way on uninstalling the product. The basic issue is that table definitions are connected to data elements which are connect to domains and search helps and function modules, etc. The deletion process in SAP is a single step mode that doesn’t’ do well in the complex environment.


But the add on/transport can be de-activated.


Customers are recommended to delete the entries in the SAP menusyst program and  the include statement in the Help_Start function. This would in effect turn the /rwd/ namespace code ineffective.


For detail steps , you may reverse the steps in document “Help Launchpad for ANCILE uPerform 5.2.pdf”


– from page 12 : Help Launchpad SAP Customization

  to page 41, step 26

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