We are living in a very competitive era as most businesses have the option of relying on in-house professionals to get their processes done, or turn to the highly competitive area of outsourcing where you can find a variety of other professionals.

Outsourcing first started in the IT departments, and then branched out to just about every department of a business with one of the most competitive being in marketing. When it comes to marketing we know that this department does a little bit of everything, from building and managing email lists, developing content, cloud development, employing SEO techniques, managing social media presence, promoting, handling placement of new products, and the list goes on.

Today, we will look at how your in-house marketing team can get a boost from outsourced marketing.

Performance Issues

When we look at in-house marketing, we understand that time is a valuable commodity, which every business needs to utilize correctly in order to stay profitable. In-house marketing can be inadequately staffed as multiple jobs to in-house personnel. This can be trying on in-house teams, and you should be asking yourself these questions when it comes to performance.

  • Do you have enough staff in-house to handle all your marketing projects?
  • Does your in-house team have enough time to research current trends, and interview leaders within the industry?
  • Do you have enough time to keep up with every tactical creative detail to keep up with your competitors?

Contracting Outsourcing

In a recent study by the Ascend2 group found that 62% of marketers used outsourcing along with their in-house projects. If you don’t have the time to fill the gaps in your in-house marketing, then it will be in your best interest to find outsourcing for your projects. A few options that you might consider include the following:

  • Outsourced internet services – This is where you in sense are going to a company that provides a list of marketing services from SEO, graphics, programming, design, IT services, and content creation to name a few. These types of service companies are highly recommended as they have everything you need in one place at reasonable prices.
  • Marketing agency – Within a marketing agency, you have access to a team that might be able to give you fresh ideas when it comes to market research. However, it can take time for an agency to see what your company is looking for, but can help utilize manpower with a team of skilled marketers.

Deciding What’s Right for Your Business

If you are currently having frustrations within your in-house marketing team it might be time to be open to the possibility of outsourcing some of your tasks to skilled outsourced internet services or a marketing agency. You could always start off with small tasks to take off the shoulders of your in-house team in order that they could focus their time on more important tasks to let you stay on top.

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