• A business scenario in which IDoc is to be sent from SAP-ECC to Non-SAP System via SAP-PO (SAP Process Orchestration 7.5 Single Stack).
  • Here, in this blog, we focus on how IDoc is been transferred from SAP-ECC to SAP-PO.
  • In SAP-PO, IDoc-xml is to be transformed to a specific message format of Non-SAP System using Graphical Map and transformed message will be sent to Non-SAP System using SOAP Receiver Adapter communication channel, thus technically it can be called as a “Outbound IDoc-to-Soap Asynchronous Interface”.

Communication Channel Configuration:

IDoc is been transferred from SAP-ECC to SAP-PO using IDOC_AAE Sender Adapter, which can be configured in following manner:

1. RFC Server Parameters: Default(Recommended)

2. RFC Server Parameters: Manual

3. RFC Server Parameters: From NWA

Common errors during IDoc processing:

Normally in SAP-ECC’s t-code SM58, we see following common errors during outbound IDoc processing:


[2] Error when opening an RFC connection (CPIC-CALL:

[3] Commit fault: ASJ.ejb.005043 (Failed in component: sap.com/com.sap.aii.ad

Resolution of above common errors:

  • 3rd Error can be resolved by correcting/verifying following points:
    1. Check IDoc_AAE Sender channels started or not
    2. Also verify SAP-ECC’s t-code WE20 partner profile outbound parameter details
  • 1st and 2nd errors can be resolved by correcting NWA Configirations for ‘Default’ settings as given below…..

NWA Configuration Steps for ‘Default’:

 [1]         In SAP-PO create a RFC Destination connecting to SAP-ECC

Create one RFC Destination named as  ‘XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION’

NWA url:       http://sappoHost:port/nwa

Path:             NWA -> Configuration -> Infrastructure -> Destinations -> Destinations

Enter SAP-ECC details like:

  • Target Host                    eccHost
  • System Number             eccSysNum
  • System ID                      eccSystemID
  • SAP Gateway Host        eccHost
  • SAP Gateway Service   sapgwXX
    • where XX is SAP-ECC’instance Number (generally value is 00)

[2]          In SAP-PO create a Program-ID for Sap-Ecc

Path: NWA -> Configuration -> Infrastructure -> JCO RFC Provider -> Create

Here again, we need to enter all following parameters related to SAP-ECC, for example:

  • Program ID                     PgmID_Ecc_PO
  • Gateway Host                 eccHost
  • Gateway Service            sapgw00
  • Server Count                  5
  • Application Server Host  eccHost
  • System Number              eccSysNum
  • Client                               eccClient
  • User                                 eccUserId 
  • Password                         *****
  • Language                        EN

[3]          In SAP-PO, Resource Adapter ‘inboundRA’ configuration

Path: NWA -> Configuration -> Infrastructure -> Application Resources -> filter ‘inboundRA’ -> select ‘inboundRA’ ‘Resource Adapter’ -> Tab ‘Properties’

In ‘Properties’ tab, maintain following settings:

  • ProgramID                          PgmID_Ecc_PO
  • MaxReaderThreadCount    5
  • DestinationName                XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION
  • GatewayServer                   eccHost
  • GatewayService                  sapgw00
  • Local                                   false
  • BindingKey                          PI_AAE_IDOC

[4]          In SAP-PO, starting Java Applications for Resource Adapter ‘inboundRA’

Path: NWA -> Operations -> Systems -> Start & Stop -> Java Applications -> filter ‘inboundRA’ -> select ‘com.sap.aii.adapter.idoc.sapjra.inboundRA’ -> start

Once Java-Application ‘com.sap.aii.adapter.idoc.sapjra.inboundRA’ gets started, its status turns to green, and respective ‘inboundRA’ status also turns to green

[5]          In SAP-ECC, check Registered Program

Once Java-Application ‘com.sap.aii.adapter.idoc.sapjra.inboundRA’ gets started, at this event, program-id ‘PgmID_Ecc_PO’ gets registered in SAP-ECC

Registered programs in SAP-ECC can been seen via following steps:

  • in t-code ‘SMGW’
  • -> Menu item ‘Goto’ -> ‘Logged on Clients’
  • Once window opens, check TP Name= program-id ‘PgmID_Ecc_PO’
  • Here total 5 entries of TPName ‘PgmID_Ecc_PO’ can be seen, as maxThreadCount in ‘inboundRA’ is given as 5.


 [6]         In SAP-ECC, create a tRFC RFC Destination

Create one tRFC RFC Destination (t-code SM59) with following parameters:

  • Registered Server Program        enabled
  • Same program-id                        PgmID_Ecc_PO
  • GatewayHost                              eccHost
  • GatewayService                         sapgw00
  • Unicode                                      enabled



Once above configuration gets completed, to trigger IDoc from SAP-ECC to SAP-PO, we need to do following tasks:

  1. ALE-Configurations for outbound IDoc
    • In SAP-ECC,
      • t-code BD54:  maintain Logical Systems for SAP-ECC, SAP-PO
      • t-code WE21: maintain tRfc PORT having tRFC destaination
      • t-code WE20: maintain Partner profile for outbound IDoc
      • t-code BD64:  maintain distribution model
    • In SAP-PO,
      • use import/use meta structure of IDoc in Enterprise Repository
      • Configure scenario having IDoc_AAE Sender Channel with ‘Deafult(Recommended) settings’
  2. Trigger IDoc