Paying for college costs in the United States has become harder and harder with each passing year. Since 1985, the average cost per year at a four-year college has quadrupled, going from $5,160 to an eye-popping $25,409 by 2015. This puts a college education out of reach for many aspiring students, while forcing many of those that do attend college to incur massive long-term debt to finance their education.


The rapid rise in costs has made saving for college well in advance of attendance mandatory. It’s the only way to try to avoid being a casualty of the American student debt crisis. The biggest problem that most families have is how to generate such a large sum of money while still paying for their daily lives. The good news is that investing in initial coin offerings (ICOs) provides a way for the average family to grow their money exponentially in time to cover college costs.

ICOs: A Primer

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, an initial coin offering refers to the launch of a new cryptocurrency as a means of financing a startup venture. It’s similar to buying shares in a company through an initial public offering via a stock market. By offering digital coins, new companies fund their development and pay handsomely to early investors through appreciation of the currency’s value as the venture meets its goals.


This innovative means of crowd funding eliminates the need to seek venture capital, which can be difficult to obtain for businesses involving cutting edge or unproven technologies. It also guarantees that all gains accrue directly to investors since there’s no middleman that needs to be paid back.

ICOs vs. The Stock Market

The major benefit for families that choose to invest college savings in ICOs is the tremendous amount of potential for gains. So far, the average returns for ICOs have been nothing short of astounding. In fact, the data indicates that an investment in every ICO so far would have yielded an average ROI of 1,320%. You’d be hard-pressed to find any other investment that can compare to the earnings potential of ICOs thus far.


The results so far of ICO investment as a savings vehicle have far outstripped those of the average investor. For comparison, consider that the S&P 500 Index has an average annual return of only 11.69%. Even if you factor in that the stock market is having a record-setting year, and the S&P 500 has been on an unprecedented winning streak, the results pale in comparison to the heights ICOs have achieved so far.

An Opportunity Not to be Missed

Even a casual observer should be able to discern that ICO investment represents a unique opportunity for the average investor to grow their capital faster than they otherwise could with traditional investing. Professional investors are flocking to new ICOs, recognizing that there are fortunes to be made through them.


Even Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, is seeing big gains in price as the market shifts funds to these high-performing financial instruments. For any family that’s trying to raise the funds needed to pay for college costs, the message is clear: invest in ICOs now or risk years of debt and unnecessary struggle.

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