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recently I was asked: How to find out, if the “old R/3 Tables” are still used in S/4HANA!?

Within all the Simple Finance rework the universal journal should eliminate a lot of tables, so why they are still there an even have entries!?

Example: left side = HDB (zero entries), right side = Appl. Server (tousands of entries)

First of all, if you just look at the Table entries in S/4HANA this could be misleading.

Why is that? The answer are compatibility views! And  how can we find out what is happening behind the scene!?

Use t-code: SE16N (not SE16!)

doubleclick on Proxy Object: You can then find the DDL Source.

Now use the ABAP report to find out more details!


again with DDL Source FGL_GLSI…

and again with DDL Source FGL_GLSI_ACD…

Finally you reach the “real table” called ACDOCA where the data is finally stored.

Hope that helps!

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