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In the past the most of the communication management for SAP NetWeaver products could be handled via transaction SM59 in SAP GUI Backend.

But in the SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud you don’t have backend access anymore but still you can manage communciation to other systems. You just have frontend Fiori apps for this now.

In general the communication management setup in SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud is always following those 3 steps described here:

  1. Create a communication user
  2. Create a communication system
  3. Create a communication arrangement

In our future upcoming blog posts we will refer to this blog post whenever a communication management setup needs to be done.

Step 1: Create a communication user

All the apps we need are located in the communication management tile group.

In this blog post I will focus on the setup of the inbound communication management for the new contact APIs. But the approach is very similar for all other integration scenarios.

  1. Open the Maintain Communication Users app and click New on the bottom.
  2. Enter a username e.g.: API_UPLOAD_USER and a description
  3. Enter a password.
  4. Click Save.

Step 2: Create a communication system

  1. Open the Communication Systems app and click New.
  2. Enter a system ID and Name, for example API_1711.
  3. Enter a dummy domain name. ( for an outbound connection you have to really specify here the correct value for your system)
  4. Add the previously created communication user at user for Inbound Communication.
  5. Click Save.

Step 3: Create a communication arrangement

  1. Open the Communication Arrangements app and click New.
  2. Select the integration scenario via e.g.: SAP_COM_0207 – Interaction Contact Integration (the correct integration scenario for your use case can be found in the application help)
  3. If you like, you can adjust the proposed Arrangement name before clicking Create.
  4. Select the previously created communication system under Common Data.
  5. The previously created communication user should appear automatically under Inbound Communication. If one does not appear, return to the communication system and make sure a user was added under User for Inbound Communication.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Under Inbound Services you will see the OData Services URLs for the APIs.


This blog gives you a more detailed information together with pictures how to setup the communication management in the SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud. The communication management setup in the Cloud is always the first step in order to establish a connection to or from another system to the SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud.

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