Many of our customers would like to send mails from their Integration Flows, especially in the context of error handling.

As of today there are 3 options to achieve this.

  1. Connect via the mail receiver adapter to a cloud based mail server. Please check our documentation for detailed configuration options.
  2. Connect via the mail receiver adapter and the SAP Cloud Connector to your OnPrem mail server. I described this option in my previous blog “How to connect via SAP Cloud Platform Integration to my On-Premise mail server“.
  3. Send mails via the SAP Cloud Platform service “Live Link for IN365-Email”.

I will elaborate on option (3) in this blog as it seems not well known yet. Live Link for IN365-Email is a commercial mail gateway service on SAP Cloud Platform. It exposes a REST API’s which are documented here.

If you would like to get more information or commercial details please don’t hesitate to mail

Once you subscribed to the service you will get

  • the API endpoint information
  • your credentials
  • your mail sender ID / customer domain

For my test example I got

  • URL =
  • User & password for basic authentication
  • Sender ID =

Now all I have to do is to

  • deploy a credential for basic authentication with the user and password I got
  • create a JSON payload according to the API specification
  • send it via the http adapter with basic authentication to the endpoint

In my simplistic Integration Flow I use the content modifier to create the JSON payload.

My complete JSON sample looks as follows:

{ "SAPnotification": { "channelPreferences":"EMAIL", "recipients": [""], "contentTextType": "text/plain", "contentText":"Greetings from SAP Cloud Platform Integration", "contentTextEncoding": "NONE", "sender":"", "configuration": { "email": { "replyTo":"", "senderName":"IFlowForMailTest", "subject":"This is a mail from SAP Cloud Platform Integration" } } } }

Also the http adapter settings are straightforward:

Once I deploy my Integration Flow I receive the following mail:

So the usage of the SAP Cloud Platform service “Live Link for IN365-Email” is simple. I hope you may consider this option in future where appropriate.