Any employer knows how important employee happiness is. It can make all the difference between your business’s success and its failure. After all, according to a Randstad World of Work Report, work life balance is the reason why 26 percent of employees choose to stay with their employers. It’s one of the most sought after job benefits for many employees.


This is just one of the many important aspects to consider if an employer wants to make their employees happier. And with 75 percent of the causes of employee turnover being preventable, it’s a good idea to be proactive and make your employees happy so that they remain loyal. SAP SuccessFactors, with their HR services, simplify this process, and will change the very way your company works.


1 They make the feedback process transparent


No matter how hard you try at the office, it’s almost impossible to have a totally transparent feedback process. After all, if you ask your employees if they’re happy at work, no one is going to honestly give a negative answer. It’s too much of a job risk to express any negativity or file a complaint. But with the leading technologies offering Human Capital Management (HCM), SAP SuccessFactors totally revolutionizes this process.


The SAP SuccessFactors system allows people to participate in feedback programs, uses SurveyRocks, an extension program that makes it easier for a company to send out employee surveys, and it also allows any company to begin a dialogue in real time, which makes any process even more transparent.


2 Employee development is encouraged


SuccessFactors also encourages a company and its employees to grow together. By using the talent development system, they can provide employees with specific, personalized goals to meet throughout their time at the company. This is even better than an HR system, because employees can ‘check off’ each goal as they move forward. This means that employees feel both motivated and happier during their time working.


3 Benefits are more easily accessible for employees


For any employer, providing the right benefits to employees is incredibly important. Whether it’s improved morale to lower turnover rates, benefits can make all the difference between keeping and losing employees. But sometimes, even if benefits are available, it doesn’t mean that employees are informed as much as they should be about what their benefits are—which can be a problem for your company.


However, SuccessFactors has an Employee Central’s Benefits module, which simplifies the entire process. It makes it easy for employees to learn about what their benefits are, as well as implement them. If you want to know more about this module, and how SuccessFactors will improve your employees’ benefit plans, read this article.


4 The right incentives are put in place


One of the greatest aspects of SuccessFactors is how it facilitates rewarding hard-working employees. Any employer will attempt to do this, of course, but with SuccessFactors, it makes the process objective. SuccessFactors makes it possible for a company to track and gauge employees’ work, both negative and positive, so that none of them feel underappreciated or overlooked. There’s also the extension JobPts offered by SuccessFactors, which rewards employees with instant digital rewards anytime they reach milestones on the job.


5 Training processes are simplified


When it comes to being trained, it’s important for any employee—but especially for new hires. Otherwise, it can cause a great amount of frustration, and lead to general dissatisfaction in the workplace. And however much effort a company puts into training, it can take up a lot of time and money. With SuccessFactors, however, it’s possible to streamline training processes, which makes all employees happier within the company.


6 The right people get hired


Out of all the services that SuccessFactors offers, one of the best may be the assistance they give when it comes to hiring the right people. When it comes to workplace happiness, this is one of the most important factors: after all, hiring the right people enhances your work culture and improves employee morale—not to mention saving you money and time. This is especially the case if you are employing internationally.


If you use SuccessFactor’s Recruiting module, you’ll be able to search for talent all around the world. In addition, it’s easier to schedule interviews, which makes everyone involved happier: current employees, clients, and, of course, anyone looking to work at your company or who has just started working there.


So if you want to make your employees happier, and do so with both efficiently and in-depth, it makes sense to use SAP SuccessFactors. From making the feedback process transparent, to putting the right incentives in place, to simplifying the hiring process, this is one of the best ways for you to make your work environment as employee-friendly as possible.


Have you ever used SuccessFactors? What benefited your company and employees the most?

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