To obtain a complete conception of how a raised access flooring can benefit a business or IT company, it is essential to first acknowledge what a raised access floor is and how it distinguishes from regular flooring.

What is Raised Access Flooring?

A raised access flooring is a floor that is installed above the originally constructed concrete plate, creating an additional space between the floor itself and the concrete base floor. The extra space gained is typically utilized for wiring, data cables, pipelines, and cooling and air infrastructure.

The flooring is made to hide necessary items of a built office to help avoid the mess. It also used to maintain electrical and data wires organized and in a secure place to help evade trip hazards and other potential accidents. One of the more general uses for a raised access flooring is for server rooms or premises meant to keep data equipment but more companies are installing it as the floor for their entire office place with some people beginning to install it in their homes.

Raised Access Flooring in Business

The stimulus to save space has been accepted on by a large number of businesses in the USA. So why is space economy a high priority? To begin with, it improves the operating conditions of your personnel.

Investing in raised access flooring not only provides businesses with the equal amount of floor area but also reduces the number of excess telephony wires that run across the company’s floors. It also reinforces the ’green business’ image of your business which is positive among clients wishing to work on business with an eco-friendly company.

Integrated Cable Access Flooring in IT Departments

A data center can be determined as either a real or virtual object used to house a company’s computer schemes. It’s the centralization of all the business’s data into one place for easier access to data, proper data regulation and establishment of secure information channels. Because data centers require maximum space for effective operation, rigid wiring and data cables need to be concealed underground, which is here raised access flooring come into play.

With raised access flooring, insulated modular wiring, and floor base air allocation, IT departments are making a ’future proof’ office designed for productivity, while those operating a low tech surroundings can convert their little tech departments into a greatly scalable operating core – with only a raised flooring. Moreover, cooling servers operating 24/7 is much simpler when there’s much free space.

SAP Uses Access Flooring in Its Office

Software programs giant SAP has installed rubber flooring by Nora Systems for its UK building. SAP and designers HLW International wanted a simple rubber tile with a fine color choice that was lasting and easy to clean.

Rubber access flooring by Nora Systems was the excellent choice and therefore more than 300m2 of its Noraplan Uni floor coating has been installed in different areas, inclusive the striking design peculiarity behind the reception table on the lower floor, the technology suite, the session room’s reception, and lobby areas.

SAP, like many other IT companies, has turned its attention to such a new product as integrated cable management access floor and is going to install it in its new offices in the nearest future.

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