At the recent #SAPTechEd I had a few questions about how to get started open sourcing ABAP code, I’ve collected some of the questions and answers in this blog.


If you have some cool ABAP code laying around, consider open sourcing it, it does not have to work, it does not have to be pretty. There might be someone in the community which is working on something similar, or need similar functionality, together we can build amazing software :o) It might even help attracting new talent to your company.


I recommend putting the code on, it is free for public projects, and encourages collaboration. Many big software companies use GitHub to share their open source. There are also alternatives like bitbucket and gitlab.

GitHub also have some great guides on how to get started.


Use abapGit to extract the ABAP code to files. The documentation explains how it works, in case of any questions feel free to open an issue.


Make sure you have the rights for the software, and check with your manager and/or legal department if relevant. Choose a License can help deciding which license to use, and the license can easily be added on GitHub.


Promoting your project
Make sure to write a blog post about your project, but do note that the ABAP open source community is not very big(yet) so things do not move very fast.

Uwe Fetzer maintains a list of projects, he might help adding your project to the list.

Recently, I have also created, which hopefully will help making it easier to find ABAP open source projects. You can add your project to the list via a pull request.


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