Feature Scope Description for SAP HANA SPS 11

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Important SAP Notes

2121486 – SAP HANA instance backup ensures data consistency while schema export does not (S-user required)

With SAP HANA, the proper backup policy is to regularly back up the entire instance to an external medium.

2149427  – SAP HANA ESS_Embedded Statistics Server Migration Guide

If you haven’t done the migration to the new Embeded Statistics Server yet please do it asap. New EES will consume much less memory and will allow you improve performances and connectivity issues occasioned by the old version, this new option is available since HANA SPS7.
This note explains very clearly how to proceed step by step.  See the steps on SAP HANA Academy – Monitoring SAP HANA: New Statistics Server – YouTube

1944415  – Hardware Configuration Guide and Software Installation Guide for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with SAP HANA and SAP Business One (S-user required)

Check this updated note including two guides: “How to configure hardware platforms for SuSE Linux Enterprise Server” and “How to install SuSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Business One products on SAP HANA”.

2134959 – Schema Export and Import Guide for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA (S-user required)

This note introduces how to export and import schemas in the SAP HANA studio and provides some additional information (for example, troubleshooting).

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