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In case when you are integrating C4C with Facebook page or entering in the App Domain (under App Settings) the following message is appearing: Error Message Can’t Load URL: The Domain of This URL Isn’t Included in The App’s Domains . Do not worry, there is a way to fix it 🙂

First it is important to know that it was confirmed on Facebook’s bug platform that they had made some changes to the the default settings for new Apps and now Strict Mode is automatically enabled for the oAuth settings. Strict mode means that when using Facebook login to connect your application or website to the App, the oAuth redirect URL has to be explicitly set, where as before it didn’t.

How to fix

1. Go to http://developers.facebook.com/apps/ and select the app you wish to fix.

2. ​At the bottom of the left hand menu click + Add Product link.

Add Product

3. Select Facebook Login as the Product.

4. Select Web.

Select Platform

5. Enter your Site URL and hit save.

Enter Site URL

​6. Hit Continue then keep clicking Next, ignoring all the code, until you get to Step 5

​7. In the left hand menu you should now see Facebook Login, click the Settings menu item underneath it.

Facebook Login Settings Link

​8. Under Client oAuth settings, where it says Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs make sure it’s set to No and that your site URL is in the Valid OAuth redirect URIs box. Then the hit save.

Facebook oAuth Strict Mode

​9. You should now be able to connect your app as normal.


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