Marketing success for an eCommerce site used to be a matter of achieving a high ranking on search engine results pages (SERP). It was the best way to maintain high visibility and drive traffic to increase sales. In recent years, though, the search engine optimization picture has become more complex. Google, in particular, has been adding features to their search results pages that have created new opportunities for websites to score a coveted high position in search results. Since they’re the undisputed king of search engines, this is no small development.

For example, a site can be listed at the top of a SERP by being quoted as providing a direct answer to a user’s question. They can be listed as a location-specific result. They might also appear in the form of a news article, an advertisement, or even a video. All of these additional SERP placements prove that the days when keywords alone were enough to guarantee SEO success are at an end. To keep up with the evolving nature of search results, here are four of the best tools to help your eCommerce site make the most of Google’s SERP features.

Google’s Data Highlighter

Google wants to be able to effectively catalog your website so they can present it to their users. After all, your success is their success. To make the process a bit easier, they’ve created a data highlighter tool that you can use to tell their search engine how you’ve structured the data on your website. It’s a point-and-click interface that allows you to tag sections of your website and classify the type of data found within. You can tag product listings, software, movies, events, and more. Once you’ve done it, Google will be able to add rich content from your site to their results, which makes it more likely that a searcher will see your site on the first page.


One thing that has remained constant in the SEO world is the necessity of specific keyword targeting to produce results. For a complex eCommerce website, keeping on top of your positioning with regards to your target keywords can be challenging and complex. SERPStream provides a suite of tools that will help you to achieve and maintain high rankings with your site’s keywords. Once you configure monitoring, you’ll be able to set up Email alerts to keep you posted as your results fluctuate. You can even customize your tracking with user location, device type, and language to gain real granular insight into your results.


When you’re looking for ways to overtake the competition on a search results page, it’s helpful to know exactly what their advantages are. SEMRush can help you to research how you stack up against your competition and allow you to identify areas where you may be able to improve. You will also be able to track rival advertising campaigns so you can stay a step ahead at all times.

SEOQuake Browser Plugin

SEOQuake is a valuable SEO tool because it runs inside a web browser and analyzes pages and search results as you visit them. It produces an overlay that will give you useful data such as social media statistics, backlink quality, and current PageRank. If you use it on a search results page, you will be given the same type of information below every search result, so that you may easily compare sites as you search. This is useful for market research and for getting an instant snapshot of your SEO and marketing efforts.

Using the tools mentioned here will help your e-commerce site to become a fixture on page one of your target searches. You’ll gather useful data on your competitors, identify keywords that can help you to stand out, and even teach Google how to use the data your site already contains. Once you’ve gotten to the top, you can make sure you stay there by monitoring your position and being alerted to any changes that require your attention. Modern SEO demands constant attention, and now you know exactly how to provide it.

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