As is described in this blog: DM 10.1 SP08 you can define Custom Validations
Custom Validations

Require an early warning if the data meant for your Word report lacks some quality?

Or does your XBRL regulator provide insufficient validation rules so you want to supplement them?

Well, here is the solution: SAP Disclosure Management now offers Custom Validations based on Excel formulas.

To use them, create a formula in an Excel chapter with the result TRUE or FALSE. Then provide messages to be shown to users in each of the two cases. As a last step, register the rule in DM CLIENT 10.1’s new dialog “Custom Validations”.

After check-in, you will find the Custom Validations listed on a new tab of your chapter. Validation results are shown in the chapter tree, the cockpit and in the chapter’s “General” tab.


To get more information on how to set these up and use them, check out this document

DM Wiki – Custom Validations

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