Did you have trouble seeing everything at SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando 2013?

For me being present at SAPPHIRE is always a bit overwhelming.  I get there before anything is setup and have the opportunity to watch as the show literally comes to life over 48 hours. It is truly amazing to see how much work and how many people are involved in putting the venue together. Just think of the number of people it takes to put down 12.5 miles of carpet. 

Of course the preparation for the event begins much earlier with thousands of hours of work from teams of people across SAP, ASUG and our broader ecosystem. I wonder if anyone has tried to compile the number of hours spent on conference calls preparing for the event? My guess is no one really wants to know the answer to that question.  It really is amazing to be part of such a dedicated team of people all focused on the goal of delivering the world’s best conference experience.

One of the best aspects for me of SAPPHIRE is the fact that with today’s technology most of the show is still available to us; virtually and on-demand. This is fantastic, because let’s be honest, with well over 2,000 different sessions & demos done on-site and 300+ sessions broadcast live there is just no way to see and hear everything.  However, the fact that there are over 674 sessions available today (just over a week after the event) for on-demand viewing means, if you missed something, you can probably catch it on-demand.

All of that great content is available in one easy to use location found HERE.

Now my specific role for SAPPHIRE is to coordinate and produce the Show Floor Studio.  The Show Floor studio is a live broadcast studio on the floor of the main hall where we interview SAP executives during the event.  By listening to The Show Floor Studio interviews, you can hear from SAP execs about the latest and greatest innovations and solutions that are transforming businesses and improving the lives of individuals across the globe. These interviews will hone in on emerging business trends, the innovations they are driving and how SAP is uniquely positioned to help companies take advantage of both.

This is a great way for anyone to hear from SAP Executives on our strategies and priorities with regard to business and life running smarter, faster and simpler.  So find the interviews below that you’re interested in, click its link, take a listen and then share it with your social media network. 


Analytics Interviews:

Business Networks Interviews:

Cloud Interviews:

Database & Technology Interviews:

Ecosystem & Channels Interviews:

Industry and Lines of Business Interviews:

Mobile Interviews:

Services & RDS Interviews:

Social Media Interviews & Daily Wrap-ups:

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