Finally, share your template. You have two options, you can share your template only with your team or with everyone that’s using the SAP Web IDE.

The first option will be the most common one. You deploy the template to your SAP Cloud Platform account as an UI5 app and create a destination in the same account to that app.

You could also share your template with everyone that’s using the SAP Web IDE. Therefore, you need a special SAP Cloud Platform account. For this kind of SCP account’s, you need to contact the SAP Web IDE team. In this scenario, you need to deploy the template to this special SCP account as a UI5 app. Other developers can create a destination to the template in that SCP account and use it.

Depending on the type of template, the deployment process is a little different. For MTA template:

Build and deploy

Create destination


Same for non-MTA features:


Create destination


Want to use my template? Create destination and use the following settings:


Description=My Own UI5 Template Type=HTTP Authentication=NoAuthentication WebIDEUsage=feature Name=MyOwnUI5Template WebIDEEnabled=true CloudConnectorVersion=2 URL= ProxyType=Internet

Activate the feature in the SAP Web IDE Full stack:

Enjoy my template!