One of the most common problems of sports betting operators is the integration of data sources. By the Pareto rule, more than 80% do not have an integrated dashboard with all the KPIs and business scenarios in which the company operates. Thus, decision-making is delayed by intersections of information between departments.

A large operator, with more than 1,000 High Street shops outside the United Kingdom, told me last week that the problem is embedded in the business structure of the sector: the historical developments of different systems for their machines, different legislations and data centres plus the recent acquisitions of some competitors created a maze for decision making.

“Each department sends Excel files before the meetings: this is unmanageable. That´s why we want to integrate our data into a new Data Warehouse with a real-time Dashboard that gives us the 360º vision we need”, told me the Chief Information Officer of the group.

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We believe in bringing real-time business insight to meetings by following along with a business scenario. That´s why at SAP we have developed the Digital Boardroom for Betting: a planned breakthrough digital approach that aims to contextualise and simplify performance reporting across all areas of business in real time.

Especially for betting operators, innovation is key to success. Augmented and virtual reality, as well as new types of games, and the massive change to live-formats with live dealers are all factors that continuously create and develop new profitable trends in this industry.


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No matter how the future of the Betting Industry looks like: Score a Hat-Trick for your business in hand with our passionate SAP Sports and Entertainment team!

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