If you work in a team, collaboration on files is the ultimate necessity.


I work in a development team and quite often we have to share design documents, mock-up, test results etc. with each other. My team members access these documents, in different roles i.e. editors or just readers.


SAP Mobile Documents works well for my team for three simple reasons:

  1. Creating new team shares is simple and easy.
  2. We can add different members to a team share with following roles. Assigned team members can find the team share under menu “Shared” in the SAP Mobile Documents application.
    1. Administrator: Who owns the team share and can assign members
    2. Contributor: Who can add, edit or delete documents inside the team share
    3. Reader: Who can view the documents inside the team share
  3. We configured SAP Mobile Documents software on our desktop (PCMac) to use the file sync facility
    1. To keep the files on our desktop always updated
    2. To easily upload changes to the documents


Hence, files are available to any member of the team when updated or created.


The documents stored in team shares contribute to the quota of administrator. Hence, effectively your team contributes to quota of your team shares. You can also setup a common account to hold all the team shares for the team.


The software is quite intuitive to achieve it yourself but just thought of write-down the steps for quick reference:




The users who will create share and will be member of the shares must be available to the platform. Depending on the scenario the approach to bring your users into the platform is different:


Creating Team Shares


  • Open the Web UI for SAP Mobile Documents to create team shares. In the Web Client navigate to the Shared Documents tab. The view will display all the team shares where a role (administrator, contributor or reader) has been assigned to you. Use the “Create” button to create a new share.




  • Select “Share with Members” to assign new members with different roles.




  • If you want to make the team share accessible to people outside the team, you need to create a public link. Click on the “Anyone with the link has access” checkbox to create a public link. You can configure a password to protect the link, define a specific time frame for which the link is accessible and enable write access.




Setting up file sync on the desktop client


If you want to get your local documents to be updated automatically when updated on server or automatic upload of newly created or updated local documents to the server , you need to set auto sync


To setup auto-sync for the content on your desktop client, select “General Settings” and open the “Selective Sync” tab in the dialog. The view will display all the team shares where you have a role (administrator, contributor or reader). You can select the team share or folder to be auto-synced to the desktop client.




On the press of “Save” button an auto-sync is triggered. You can find all your documents in your “user_homeMobile DocsShared Documents” folder.

If documents are now created, edited or updated in “Dev Team Share”, they will appear in the corresponding folder in the desktop client automatically.


That’s all there is to it. Have fun using SAP Mobile Documents as a collaborative tool in your team as well. Do share your experience with us.


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