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Wholesale Distribution

A Shop-a-holic view into E-Commerce

I can admit it, I like to shop.  I don’t shop for myself; I like to shop for my family.  Christmas around the corner? I am geared up and will have my shopping done by Thanksgiving.  Birthday soon?  I am all over it.  Anniversary, awesome, I look forward to it, …

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Full Shelves, Happy Customers

When working on projects at home, I quite often go to the shelf in my garage for materials. And quite often my projects are delayed right from the beginning. The simple reason: needed materials are missing and I need to visit my local do-it-yourself store. And most of my projects …

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Know Your Customers – Profitability

When I talk to food service wholesalers, a theme that frequently repeats itself is how much pride they take in knowing their customers.  They know the entire history of each customer: how long they have been a customer, what they usually order and what drives their business – seasonal menus, …

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The Sizzle Sells the Steak!

I recently had the opportunity to write a guest blog for the Food Logistics magazine. As you may know Food Logistics is a premiere publication in the US that dedicates itself to covering the movement of product and information through the food supply chain. The topic of my blog was …

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My Top-10 Video Playlist for your Lunch Hour

I’m writing this blog with my distribution-industry hat on. I had the opportunity to attend SAPPHIRE NOW event in Orlando in mid-May. This customer event in my opinion provided something for every industry executive and line-of-business manager to chew on. I’ve carefully whittled down my list to a top-10 list, …

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