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Form iterator. Reviewing mistakes.

In my previous blog about form iterator (Form Iterator and How It Should Be Cooked ) I’ve provided couple use cases. However, since then I’ve seen some more common requirements on SCN. Which sometimes end with suggestions like ‘Build the form completely yourself’ or ‘Take xml_config and modify it with …

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BOL Programming(WebUI)

The primary purpose of this blog is to present a basic idea of bol programming. Refer : How To Guide Business Object Layer Programming Sample Code for BOL Creation : *Loading a BOL object using CL_CRM_BOL_CORE *You can use this class to access directly with Business object implementations. *Also said …

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Create Default Empl relationship while creating BP

Hi , This document will help us to keep the default values while creating BP . Here I am keeping the Default relationship of employee responsible Of username. 1. Implement the BADI     :-  BADI_CRM_BP_UIU_DEFAULTS 2. Write the code in method  IF_UIU_BP_DEFAULTS~GET_DEFAULT_VALUES. Copy and paste the below code . DATA:  lr_typed_context …

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Enabling BI reports IN CRM Web UI

1. Prerequisites The corresponding BW reports should be built on BW system before they can be used as links in CRM Portal. 2. Configuration Rationale This configuration is required as part of BI report access from the CRM portal. It includes addition of BI report links for respective queries and …

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Standard field as search field

Purpose: The purpose of the document is to reduce the technical effort required in developing similar requirement. Introduction:This document is a reference work for the technical developers to add a standard attribute to the search criteria. I worked in a SAP CRM implementation project wherein we had similar requirement for …

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Inside AET: why ‘create field’ button is visible in some UI while invisible in others?

recently I was asked by one customer why they can create extension field via AET in intellectual property overview page:                                                                   Figure1 however they cannot see the “create field” button when trying to enhance “edit scope” page:                                                             Figure2 in order to explain this discrepancy, it is necessary to understand …

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